The performance comparison of stainless steel water pipes and other water pipes

Most of the modern building water supply pipe is hidden, such as pipe wells, so once the tube material selection error, the cost of trouble may be calculated in multiples. Therefore, the selection of water supply pipe is the principle of energy saving, safe and reliable, economic and health, only to meet the principles of the pipe is a really good pipe. The main water supply pipes are stainless steel pipe, copper pipe, galvanized pipe, composite pipe and plastic pipe, etc.. Here are a few points from the comparison of stainless steel pipes and other commonly used water supply pipe.

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Comparison of strength of water supply pipe of stainless steel pipe

The most commonly used stainless steel pipes in the water industry are 304 and 316 stainless steel, both of which can meet the requirements of most water treatment and transportation.

304 stainless steel water pipe tensile strength is 2 times the ordinary steel pipe, is the copper pipe of the – 4 times, is the plastic pipe of 8 – 10 times. The strength of the material determines whether the water pipe can be strong and durable, safe and reliable. Because safety is the most critical requirement of building water supply pipe. By the impact of external forces, the possibility of leakage of stainless steel pipe is very small, but the possibility of copper and plastic pipe leakage is relatively high, and easy to be damaged by the construction or renovation of the two. Generally, the main reason for the plastic pipe is leaking, and water leakage is due to the plastic pipe is not resistant to external impact damage.
In addition, the working pressure of the high building water supply system is generally higher than 0 6Mpa, and the pipe pressure is higher. The working pressure of the plastic pipe is smaller than the value so as not to meet the requirements. However, the expansion coefficient of the composite tube material is very different. If the bond is not strong or the temperature is large, the separation layer is easy to produce. Thin wall copper pipe pressure up to 5 9Mpa, and thin-walled stainless steel water pipe because of excellent mechanical properties, high enough to withstand the pressure of water supply, can reach more than 10Mpa, especially for high-rise water supply.
Many of the world’s most famous buildings are made of stainless steel pipes as the main water supply pipeline. For example, the Beijing Great Hall of the people, Chinese many high-rise buildings, Shenzhen, great Kingkey 100 100 storey building, the Olympic Games and Asian Games Universiade projects, more than 80% of the National Hospital, four-star five star hotel with stainless steel pipe as a water supply pipeline.

Comparison of thermal expansion and thermal insulation performance of stainless steel water supply pipe

The coefficient of thermal expansion of stainless steel pipe is almost 1.5 times that of ordinary steel pipe, and the stainless steel pipe has the characteristics of slow expansion and contraction. The expansion coefficient of plastic pipe is too large to be fatal. Under the condition of the change of the environment temperature, the plastic pipe is prone to leakage and other safety risks, especially in the concealed engineering. There are two kinds of materials with different expansion coefficient of the material, the connection between the two materials are prone to cracking, leading to water burst. The thermal conductivity of stainless steel pipe is the 1/25 of the copper tube, is the ordinary steel pipe 1/4, very suitable for conveying hot water, insulation performance is much better than copper.

Comparison of corrosion resistance of stainless steel water pipes

Stainless steel pipe material is one of the most prominent advantages of its corrosion resistance is very good, is the best of the five kinds of pipes. Because the stainless steel can and oxidant inactivation, forming a layer of dense tenacity the chromium oxide protective film on the surface of stainless steel, can effectively prevent further oxidation reaction. However, other metal pipes, such as galvanized pipe, copper passivation ability is very weak, leading to the corrosion resistance of galvanized pipe or copper pipe is much lower than stainless steel pipe.
Stainless steel will not happen even if carbon steel corrosion, so no need to use additional protective coating, stainless steel pipe, chemical composition of water is not restricted, because all kinds of stainless steel in PH and hardness of the oxygen content, temperature, water has very good corrosion resistance, stainless steel pipe can withstand high velocity, even the flow rate is greater than 40 m / sec, still maintain a very low corrosion rate, less than 0.003 mm / year, especially for high-rise water supply.
Stainless steel generally does not occur local corrosion, 304 stainless steel can withstand the chloride content of 200ppm, 316 stainless steel can withstand the chloride content of up to lOOOppm, and the conclusion is a scientific basis for verification.

Comparison of sanitary and environmental performance of stainless steel water pipes

Stainless steel water pipe superior performance, will not be additional water pollution problems, no odor, no scaling, no harmful substances precipitation, water quality can be maintained pure, harmless to human health. The stainless steel material itself is non-toxic, clean and good, has long been used in various fields related to human health, so not only in the food industry including dairy, beverage, brewing, pharmaceutical industry, and other industries and long-term use of tableware utensils become the standard timber industry, but also widely used in material safety and the cleaning requirements of high medical body implants such as various stents, artificial joints and steel nail body, and become the standard timber requirements for cleanliness of clean room of semiconductor industry’s extreme. With the continuous improvement of the quality of water requirements and the increasingly stringent standards for the discharge of pollutants in water pipes, the best non – stainless steel pipe for conveying high-quality drinking water.
In addition, the service life of stainless steel pipe is the longest. Analysis of the use of stainless steel from abroad, the service life of stainless steel pipe can reach 100 years, there are less than 70 years, and the life of the building as long. The composite pipe material life and life is influenced by thermal expansion and restriction, and composite pipe because of two materials together with the possibility of shedding greatly, also affect the life of. The plastic tube is difficult to determine the life in the country, depends largely on the production technology and the quality of raw materials, quality uneven, plastic pipe quality up to a maximum of 25 to 30 years, and may be only a few years of life and material. Plastic pipe aging problem is more prominent, sunlight, temperature, chemical and mechanical factors, time will cause its aging, aging plastic in the hydraulic shock and water hammer under the action of an explosion, the service life is greatly reduced. In addition, hot melt connection method is easy to make water leakage or material deterioration.
Stainless steel pipe, the initial investment is not high. Although the thin-walled stainless steel water pipe is higher than the price of plastic pipes, but very limited, because of the increase in the cost of stainless steel pipe is even more insignificant. Materials can be cost-effective but high, very cost-effective.

Source: China Steel Pipe Manufacturer – Yaang Pipe Industry (www.

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