The Advantages of stainless steel water pipes

In the domestic industry under the guidance of galvanized steel is no longer applicable to the water supply pipe market, and other forms of the rapid development of new materials, especially including plastic pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe, steel plastic composite pipe, PPR pipe, which is characterized by low price, convenient installation, should be the most widely used. However, the shortcomings of plastic pipe is obvious, temperature tolerance, health and environmental protection and life is not satisfactory. Plastic pipe of various modifiers, additives, additives, etc., are also caused by the environmental factors of human lesions, the human body and the environment will have a negative impact. In addition, the plastic water supply pipe is easy to be accelerated by the ultraviolet rays.

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Therefore, copper pipes, stainless steel water pipes and other metal materials are also people’s attention. Among them, the thin wall stainless steel water pipe has become a new choice for water supply pipe, which is reliable, safe, environmental friendly and economical.
Stainless steel material is recognized as one of the implantable human health materials, stainless steel water supply pipe has been successfully applied in developed countries for many years, is now the world’s development direction of water supply pipe.
Stainless steel water pipe is very prominent, there are several points. Here are the following advantages. First, excellent mechanical properties, excellent wear resistance.
Stainless steel water pipe surface chromium rich oxide film layer of thin and dense, made of stainless steel water pipe in all water, including soft water has good corrosion resistance, even if it is buried in the ground to use also have excellent corrosion resistance.

Stainless steel water pipes

Excellent corrosion resistance of stainless steel water pipes

Stainless steel water pipe can withstand up to 30 m / s high speed water erosion, used in high head hydropower station diversion stainless steel water pipe, pipe end water speed of up to 60 m / s or more, there are still more than 100 years of service life. 3.304 material made of stainless steel water pipe tensile strength greater than 530 N/mm, galvanized pipe is 2 times, 3-4 times the copper pipe, PPR pipe 8-10 times, but also has good ductility and toughness.
Stainless steel water pipe is conducive to water conservation
Beautiful appearance, clean, fashionable, 100% recyclable, safe and sanitary performance, good temperature resistance, good thermal insulation performance, smooth water resistance.

The safe and reliable of stainless steel water pipes

Stainless steel can be at -270 DEG C -400 DEG C temperature, long-term safety, whether it is high or low temperature, will not precipitate harmful substances, performance is very stable. Use of stainless steel water pipe, cold rolled coil Market smooth wall, the water resistance is very small, in the low velocity water resistance is only 2/5 carbon steel water pipe, reducing the pressure loss, reduce transportation cost, and health, not easy to fouling, fouling by bacteria.

Excellent insulation performance of stainless steel water pipes

The performance of the stainless steel water pipes are 24 times that of the copper tubes, which can reduce the loss of heat energy.

Green environmental protection of stainless steel water pipes

Stainless steel water pipes will not cause environmental pollution, is a green environmental protection material, is conducive to sustainable development, but also the economic value of stainless steel scrap is also great. Stainless steel water pipe is non-toxic, there will be no corrosion and exudation, will not produce odor or turbidity problems, will not cause two pollution of water quality, water quality to maintain pure health, health and safety to achieve full assurance.

Wide range of stainless steel water pipes

Stainless steel water pipes can significantly enhance the grade of urban buildings, can be installed, can also be installed, can also be used underground. The utility model can be used for various occasions, such as municipal water supply pipe network, pipeline direct drinking water, hot water transportation, medium and high grade building water supply, heating hot water pipe, steam pipe, outdoor high speed in the cold area, urban fire water supply, pump house, etc..

The strength and long service life of Stainless steel water pipes

The strength of the stainless steel water pipes are very high, which can greatly reduce the possibility of leakage affected by external force, and obviously reduce the leakage rate of water, so that the water resources can be effectively protected and utilized. In addition, the service life of the stainless steel water pipe is long, so the comprehensive cost is low.

Source: China Steel Pipe Manufacturer – Yaang Pipe Industry (

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