How to deal with scratches on stainless steel mirror surface

It is generally known that the stainless steel scratches on the mirror surface appear in the following situations:
The first is that before processing, the plate is scratched; It’s just not obvious; This requires judgment of the severity of the scratch. If the scratch area and scratch depth have exceeded the customer’s acceptance of the final product effect, then the plate meeting the requirements should be replaced, that is, the control of processing operators is very important.

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The second is that the plate has been finished mirror processing, but in the process of coating is not careful to be scratched. There are many kinds of scratches, such as: point scratch, line scratch, large area scratch. Spot scratches, no matter how deep or shallow, can be repaired by argon arc welding, and then polished by polishing machine. After polishing, they can be processed twice or more by mirror polishing equipment, which can basically solve this problem.

How to deal with scratches on stainless steel mirror surface

If it is in the bright surface repair, can use polishing method, with different mesh number of polishing wheel repeatedly grinding. In general, sand blasting is used in matte surface repair, which requires special equipment. If the drawing panel is done in the early stage, it also needs special equipment treatment. No matter what method is used, the surface must be passivated at last. If it is a mirror, the stainless steel surface can be polished with polishing wax. If it is a wire drawing, the stainless steel surface can be drawn with wire drawing machine.
Then there’s the linear scratch, which we call scratch. Scratch treatment is relatively difficult, shallow scratches can be solved by the above methods (slow down the feed roller speed, lower the grinding head). Deep scratches are not easy to handle. Yaang suggests that you try to avoid scratch area when machining and cutting mirror panel materials.
In addition, talk about a large area of scratches, scratches, also divided into two cases of scratch depth, the treatment method is the same as above.
If it is the second kind of scratch, it is more difficult. Because this kind of secondary scratch should be avoided. We recommend the following methods to reduce or avoid the possibility of scratches on the mirror panel: sticking a protective film on the surface of the plate, packing the plate with a wooden frame, padding the plate with cardboard or plastic plate, packing the whole plate with waterproof paper, indicating the words “protect the plate surface, do not scratch” on the surface of the plate or packaging. Finished mirror stainless steel plate, if there are scratches, according to the above method can be done. If the equipment has been made into semi-finished products, and the surface is a mirror with scratches, it needs to use a variety of polishing equipment; If you can replace a variety of hand-held polishing wheel polishing machine together, in order to achieve better repair effect.

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