China seamless steel pipe: from zero to the world’s first hard development

Seamless steel pipe is known as “industrial blood”, is an important raw material for national industry and national defense construction, whether manufacturing aircraft, ships, train, automobile, boiler, power plants, oil, gas, or water, or the development of mineral geological drilling, where need it, where it cannot do without it. It can be said that if we leave the seamless steel pipe, many industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, iron and steel, machinery, military industry, aerospace industry will not be mentioned.

20180314061932 56252 - China seamless steel pipe: from zero to the world's first hard development

Shanghai steel pipe production plant in the early period of China

In the early days of the founding of the people’s Republic of China in the early 1949, China could not produce seamless steel pipes. At that time, there was only a little steel pipe remanufacturing equipment in Shanghai. However, because of lack of hot piercing machinery, the seamless steel pipe could not be produced by round steel, and it could not be imported from abroad. Only the old seamless steel pipes imported or used were transformed into other specifications of seamless steel pipes. (Note: although in the new China before the establishment of the Japanese invaders in the northeast of Anshan was built in 1935 the production of a set of diameter of 70 150mm hot rolling seamless steel pipe unit, but in 1945 after the Japanese surrender, the equipment all have been shipped to the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union is the first Ukraine Ural steel pipe factory. So in the founding of new China, China is unable to produce seamless steel pipes.)

20180314062507 53859 - China seamless steel pipe: from zero to the world's first hard development

The old blast furnace group of anshan iron and steel plant

After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, with the resumption of the economic and national economy for the first five years, China’s economy will be on the path of industrialization. Due to an economic blockade and embargo western hostile to the new China, imported from abroad by interruption of seamless steel pipe source, at a time when the domestic can’t production, the recovery of the economy and defence industry had a serious impact.

20180314063524 97645 - China seamless steel pipe: from zero to the world's first hard development

In 1952, the anshan iron and steel plant was incorporated into the first five-year plan

In order to change the status quo of dependence on imports, in August 1952, the first major industrial construction project of new China, the “three major projects” of anshan iron and steel, was one of them.
On December 26, 1953, almost all the workers arrived at the factory, nervous and excited, in the northern anshan steel seamless steel pipe factory. On this day, China’s metallurgical history will open a new page. At 2:30 p.m., the workers on the operating table took their positions. A red steel billet, rolled out of the high temperature furnace, drilled through the punch. When the red steel pipe head slowly emerged, everyone in the audience cheered, the first seamless steel pipe was born in new China.

20180314063813 89464 - China seamless steel pipe: from zero to the world's first hard development

Workers at anshan steel pipe factory are vying to see the first seamless steel pipe produced in China.

Original design angang seamless steel pipe production specifications for Φ 57-140 – mm, 4-20 mm thickness, 4-12 m long; The design output is 6.1900000 tons/year, and the output of the superdesign is 7% in the three years after production (66,000 tons in 1956).

20180314064343 35294 - China seamless steel pipe: from zero to the world's first hard development

The new seamless steel pipe of anshan seamless steel tube factory is being transported out of the factory

The production of anshan seamless steel pipe factory ends the history of China’s failure to produce seamless steel pipe. Breaking ground from the factory to the first seamless steel pipe, it took only one year and three months. The following year (1954), the boiler pipe, the geological pipe, the tubing and the stainless steel pipe were successively tried out. It is a great event in the history of seamless steel pipe production in China, which is the leading role in the production of stainless steel pipe in our country.

20180314064503 47474 - China seamless steel pipe: from zero to the world's first hard development

Try to produce the first seamless copper pipe in China

In March 8, 1958, China Southern Shanghai Yongxin Hardware Factory (July 1958 to Shanghai Yongxin seamless steel pipe plant, later changed to Shanghai special steel pipe factory) technical staff and workers together, based on summarizing the experience of the production of seamless pipe, the development of China’s first 76mm punch out, the end Shanghai cold drawn seamless steel pipe long-term history cannot supply blank capillary. Thus, it becomes the second seamless steel pipe factory which can produce hot rolled pipe (cold drawn pipe) in China. Later, it has become the most complete and most special type steel pipe factory of our country.

20180314064652 83324 - China seamless steel pipe: from zero to the world's first hard development

Shanghai yongxin hardware factory workers

Later, the Shanghai cold drawing steel pipe factory (Shanghai steel 5 factory) also made the new process of producing the stainless steel pipe with “two rolls of diagonal rolling perforation and the cold drawing of grease and lime” on the basis of the improvement. China’s research and practice of producing stainless steel pipes with two – roll slanting piercing process is one of the best in the world.

20180314070219 36320 - China seamless steel pipe: from zero to the world's first hard development

Shanghai yongxin hardware factory cadres and workers to study the production of new topics

As the punch on the equipment and process of development and perfection, especially in capillary wall thickness thinning, uneven wall thickness decreases, improve the quality of internal and external surface of heading and perforation after online implementation, and so on, formed a punch through system capillary immediately after heading, and then directly to cold drawing, the production of cold drawn seamless steel pipe, the perforated – cold drawn seamless steel pipe production line.

20180314070352 76493 - China seamless steel pipe: from zero to the world's first hard development

Shanghai yongxin seamless steel pipe factory workers in front of the furnace operation

This simple production line, which was very short of small diameter seamless steel pipes, soon became one of the most common seamless steel pipe production processes. Of course, this is also a production process of “less input, faster output, waste resources” under certain conditions in our country.

20180314070524 94914 - China seamless steel pipe: from zero to the world's first hard development

The acid wash section of Shanghai yongxin seamless steel pipe factory is equipped with the workers’ homemade crane

Less investment: investment in a complete set of units capable of producing the same specifications of hot-rolled finished pipes; Fast output: a complete set of units that can produce the same specifications of hot-rolled finished pipes, with simple equipment, small quantity, light weight and easy operation and quick production; Waste resources: resources (raw, auxiliary materials, energy and manpower) needed to produce the same specification of hot rolled finished pipes. This kind of process, then in Shanghai and other places some blank pipe self-sufficiency of cold drawn steel pipe or doesn’t have a seamless steel pipe, successively completed and put into operation a batch of Φ 50, 60, 76 mm punch or punch – cold drawn pipe production line.

20180314070701 92400 - China seamless steel pipe: from zero to the world's first hard development

Every finished product of Shanghai yongxin seamless steel pipe factory is subject to strict inspection

Later due to the development of the technology and driven by market and further to the development of large diameter seamless steel pipe production, has been completed and put into operation, Shanghai steel pipe plant of hengyang steel pipe plant, kunming, injure seamless steel pipe, seamless pipe mill of changzhi iron and steel company, hongdu steel mills, changzhou, dalian, tianjin seamless steel pipe, daye steel plant steel, anyang steel seamless steel pipe, metal processing factory in chengdu, chongqing, shougang special steel plant, steel mills, such as hefei Φ (76 mm); Sintering factory of three Φ (90 mm), the Great Wall fushun steel, xining special steel, steel plant, Shanghai first steel mill (Φ 100 mm), suzhou steel mills (120 mm) Φ and nantong special steel plant (200 mm) Φ punch and the corresponding cold drawing and cold rolling pipe production line. And steel seamless steel pipe (400 mm) Φ automatic pipe rolling unit..

20180314070825 42451 - China seamless steel pipe: from zero to the world's first hard development

Shanghai yongxin seamless steel tube factory produces rectangular, square, oval and other seamless steel pipe

In 1958 the state decided, in the southwest of China, with three sets of Hungary (phi 133mm pipe unit and phi 216, 318mm cycle rolling unit) the main pipe equipment, the construction of a seamless steel pipe from the pipe billet production to finished our own design, manufacturing (including geology, oil well pipe factory) complete independent professional large seamless steel pipe factory – Chengdu seamless steel pipe plant.
The first special steel seamless steel pipe factory produced in China was born
1959 Shanghai cold drawn steel pipe plant put into operation a 76mm diameter punch and its matching cold drawn pipe production line, production soon, which was incorporated into the five plant, a steel enterprise, to develop the production of alloy, seamless stainless steel pipes. In 1960, the plant in the diameter of 76mm punch successfully produced 18-8 (304) of stainless steel capillary, and through drawing methods produce stainless steel pipe for China’s first batch of air duct. It is a seamless steel pipe factory in the first special steel plant in China. It is one of the main manufacturers of cold drawn pipes used for military industry in China.
Self-developed production line of cold rolling pipe production in China
Shanghai iron and Steel Institute and put into operation in 1961 of the first three roller cold rolling SG321 developed our own pipe machine and small pipe cold drawing machine, forming a complete localization of the cold – drawn pipe production of stainless steel, precision, thin and ultra thin wall seamless steel pipe production line.
The development of seamless steel pipe in China is from 3000 tons in 1953 to 1 million 10 thousand tons in 1982, which has been 29 years, and has caught up with Italy (1 million 10 thousand tons), surpassed Britain (430 thousand tons) and France (660 thousand tons). During the past 29 years, China has experienced 58 years of great leap forward, three years of natural disasters and 10 years of Cultural Revolution, the natural disaster and human suffering.
70, 80 and 90s, due to the national economic policy, flexible and open, with the national key enterprises in the implementation of employee retirement policy, so that a large number of skilled workers and technicians from the old state-owned factory; plus, at the market especially the seamless steel pipe, seamless stainless steel pipes in short supply, high profit. It has created favorable conditions for some individuals or collectives to set up a seamless steel pipe plant.
In the south, especially in the two provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, a large number of seamless steel pipe factories have been built, which may be called “workshops”. Some of them are equipped with a crude piercer and 1-2 rough drawing machines. Others have only 1-2 crude drawing machines. Of course, after the screening and elimination of market of these plants, which has been part of the factory, really built a veritable factory pipe or stainless steel seamless steel pipe factory and other large enterprise groups.
Among them:
In 70s, built a factory in Shandong Province North Shu Sheng Jian pipe steel pipe factory and Wuxi Tongda stainless steel is completed with 76mm automatic pipe rolling mill, Henan County seamless steel pipe plant put into operation with 50mm.
In 80s, Changshou City Far East steel plant, Ningbo steel pipe factory built with 76mm automatic pipe rolling mill; Huzhou Jiuli stainless steel pipe factory, Jiangsu Tongzhou steel plant, Jingjiang stainless steel pipe factory, Zhangjiagang stainless steel pipe factory and Fujian Sanming Iron plant put into operation with 76mm piercing machine and cold drawn pipe production line.
In 90s, Huangshi Bao Lu steel plant was put into operation and put into operation of the 100mm automatic pipe rolling mill. The Qingzhou seamless steel pipe factory in Shandong and Qingzhou made the domestic 140mm pipe rolling mill.
Wenzhou: group of fonye, Castle Peak steel, Yaang Pipe Industry, Yongshang stainless steel put into operation with 100mm cold drawn pipe production line; special steel, special steel, Southern Star Tianbao steel pipe, steel pipe, steel pipe and other East Fengyuan completed with 76mm cold drawn pipe production line.
With the completion of seamless steel pipe plants all over the country, the development of seamless steel pipe production in China has entered a golden era. Since 1982, the average annual increase has increased by 8.9% over the past 15 years, and 3 million 610 thousand tons have been produced in 1997, reaching the first peak. In 1992, it produced 2 million 650 thousand tons, which surpassed Japan (2 million 330 thousand tons), reached 3 million 40 thousand tons in 1994, and surpassed Russia (2 million 810 thousand tons) as the world’s largest producer.

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