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Model No.: 2507-SMLS-PIPE-100-160S

China Pipe Manufacturer supplies ASTM A790 UNS32750 GR2507 Seamless Pipe, DN100, SCH160S.

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Key Specifications / Features

Type: 2507 Seamless Pipe
Material: ASTM A790 UNS32750 GR2507
Wall Thickness: SCH 160S 
Size: 4 Inch (DN100) 
Length: 6M

The Chemical Composition of SS2507, %
C ≤0.03
Mn ≤1.2
Si ≤0.80
S ≤0.02
P ≤0.035
Cr 24.0-26.0
Ni 6.0-8.0
Mo 3.0-5.0
Cu ≤0.5
N 0.24-0.32

Mechanical Properties of Duplex 2507

Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation Hardness Impact Test
ksi(Mpa) ksi(Mpa) % HRC ft.lbf
≥110(800) ≥80(550) ≥25 ≥32 ≥74

* All values shall be minimum unless otherwise specified.

Manufacture, Heat Treatment & Weldability

Duplex 2507 piping materials can be manufactured by hot forming or cold forming methods. The hot forming temperature shall be between 1875°F and 2250°F. This should be followed by solution annealing at 1925°F minimum and a rapid air or water quench. The cold forming includes bending, deep drawing, extruding and pressing. After the cold forming process, the heat treatment of solution annealing and quenching is required. Besides, 2507 duplex stainless steels have good weldability.

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